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Your United Way is accountable.

The Callaway County United Way meets or exceeds all IRS requirements and United Way of America standards.  We work hard each year to ensure that we are fully accountable and transparent to our donors, funded agencies and partners.

Your United Way helps build a strong and healthy community.

The Callaway County United Way makes sure your donation is well spent.  Our all volunteer board works on a year-round basis to ascertain community needs and evaluates the programs and services offered by the thirteen agencies we fund.  Only you, and thousands of good citizens like you, can help us to succeed.  Think of all these human care services as insurance benefits - here when you need them.

Why give to the United Way?

The United Way campaign is the most effective and economical way to support hundreds of social, health and human service programs in Callaway County. The quality of life that you, your family and neighbors enjoy would greatly diminish if United Way services were not available.

Money raised in the county stays in the county.

100% your gift goes directly to the United Way agencies in Callaway County.  Our Corporate Cornerstone Donors cover all of our overhead costs.   The United Way Board of Directors carefully reviews the agency's budgets and programs and determine the amount to be allocated.  In addition, each agency is audited annually to assure the funds are used appropriately.

Who do you help?

As a result of your dedication the United Way's fourteen member agencies are able to provide over 200 programs and services that support our children and youth, meet basic needs, create a safer neighborhood, strengthen our families and promote self-sufficiency.  Your gift aids one out of four county residents at some time during their life.

Non-Coercive giving.

The United Way believes that fundraising should be conducted in a voluntary manner.  Any form of pressure can create bad feelings and misunderstandings.  Giving is a personal matter and decision.  No form is coercion is acceptable.

Financial Reports

2013 IRS 990
2016 Annual Report 

Policies and Procedures

Code of Ethics
Diversity Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Designation Fee Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Counterterrorism Compliance Form