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Our Mission. . .

The mission of the Callaway County United Way is to improve, consistently and measurably, the quality of life for all the people of Callaway County by raising and distributing funds, mobilizing community resources, and encouraging innovative solutions to the community's health and human service needs, while being aware of our environmental responsibilities.

Every year your United Way donations fund services that help real people in real need.  The Callaway County United Way funds 13 local agencies that provide over 200 programs and services.  Together we are working to improve education, income and health in Callaway County.

In addition to funding the agencies the Callaway County United Way also sponsors 4 community impact initiatives:   2-1-1, Born Learning, FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards and our recycling programs.

The Callaway County United Way is working to advance the common good by focusing on EDUCATION, INCOME, HEALTH, and BASIC NEEDS.

Formed in 1957, the Callaway County United Way has a proud history of raising and distributing funds.  Today we are being challenged to take that history to new heights, where the focus is on issues, strategies and the actions needed to create lasting change and opportunities for a better life for everyone.

During these difficult economic times, many hard working families in Callaway County are finding the basic ingredients for a good life are increasingly beyond their reach.  Getting and keeping a good job with a livable wage and health benefits, adequate food and affordable housing and the ability to keep up with bill paying has become a challenge for many.  Access to quality health care, transportation and day care services may have become a burden many families.  The United Way realizes there are many people in need of information and referral services to help get the assistance that is needed to help weather these hard times.

With that in mind, we have carefully selected and fund 13 local agencies in the community that provide over 200 programs and services to those in need.  In addition to funding our agencies the United Way also sponsors 4 community impact initiatives to help those in need and to better our community.